skaters corner:how to sew your hair

How to Sew Your Hair

The Tail of the Perfect Bun

  1. Know Your Needs-- Bun rat (doughnut), Hair Net(s) match your hair color, Hair Gel, Hair Spray, Nylon Thread, Plastic Embroidery Needle, Scissors.
  2. Gel your hair! Make it goopy!
  3. Make a ponytail up on the back of your head. (Keep it smooth)
  4. Place your ponytail inside the center of the Bun Rat (or doughnut)
  5. Throw your hair over the doughnut and wrap it around, keep it smooth, tuck it under the doughnut until all the hair is covering the doughnut. Use the end of a comb to help you tuck.
  6. Wrap the hair net around the bun 2 or even 3 times. Hold in place.
  7. Sew the net to your hair tightly with the nylon thread (or fishing line). Leave a tail at the beginning and at the end and tie a knot. Leave the tail (4 inches or so) hanging. Spray hair completely with hair spray.
  8. Put on the scrunchie and tie the tail ends around the scrunchie so it does NOT fall off. Snip off extra thread and tuck it under the bun.


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